[mythtv-users] one show known by more than one name

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Thu May 13 16:36:31 UTC 2010

I was just perusing my guide here and I noticed that there are instances
where one show can go by more than one name.  Case point:

Orpah Winfrey
The Oprah Winfrey Show

(Everyone says it but really, this *is* the wife's show -- not mine)

Both appear to have the same SD prefix as the two episodes I have on
hand here are:


It would appear that as far as recording rules are concerned, these are
not the same show -- one is scheduled to record, the other is not.  I'd
swear however that two of the 3 episodes that were scheduled to record
today got whittled down to one when I did a mythfilldatabase to update
today's data.  I suspect that pulling in today's data changed the show
Title of two of the three, as I now only show the one as being scheduled
to record.

Is there any support in the database and scheduler for this kind of
"alias" show name?  I wonder at least, if you were to have both names in
your recording rules if the repeat/duplication detection would work
across them given that they seem to share common episode identifiers.


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