[mythtv-users] composite video problems with upgrade to mythdora (same problem with mythbuntu)

Larry mythtv at american-hero.com
Thu May 13 03:45:44 UTC 2010

Ok, now that I have my lirc problem fixed I migrated my frontend back up
to the living room.  When I connected the composite video up to my TV my
original problem returned.
All was well in the world until i upgraded to myth .23.  The backend
works fine as does the local frontend on the box. The backend is just a
CENTOS distro running the atrpms packages.
My problem is the remote frontend box.  I was running mythbuntu 9.10
until I upgraded to .23 which required I upgrade the mythbuntu box's to
10.04.  Once I did that my video out stopped working, or rather the
output became garbled.
I though the problem may be mythbuntu specific so I switched to mythdora
but the problem followed it.

my video card is
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8623 [Apollo
CLE266] integrated CastleRock graphics (rev 03)

I have tried the openchrome driver, vesa,via and even vga to no success.

during the boot process I can see all the screen just fine, but when X
starts its as if the screen is somewhat "rolling" and "flickering"
By changing the modes I can control somewhat how the "rolling" and
"flickering" is presented but not stop the behavior.

I'm not even sure how to diagnose this.  Depending on which slew of
options i specify I get different errors in my Xorg.0.log but nothing
that I can find that tells me what the problem is.

Given that TV out via composite works just fine during bootup I'm
guessing that I should be able to use some simple X driver but I have
yet to land on the correct one.

Anyone care to throw ideas out on how to diagnose what my actual issue is?

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