[mythtv-users] Intel Clarkdale support in Linux/Myth

David Linville dlinvill at networksdown.com
Wed May 12 18:12:45 UTC 2010

On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 9:01 AM, Steve Malenfant <smalenfant at gmail.com>wrote:

> There is this Combo available at Frys' again (i3 530 + Gigabyte motherboard
> for 99$).
> I'm having a hard time finding if there is good support for the integrated
> video or not. Last I see is that the GPU hangs, but no sign it was resolved.
> Anybody using Intel Clarkdale that can share some good success stories?
> Thanks.
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I am using an i3 530 with a Biostar TH55B as my master backend and an
ocassionally used frontend.

When I first installed I was on an early kernel version 2.6.32 with an alpha
Ubuntu 10.04.  This version did not work for video playback.  I would get
constant lockups just loading into X.

Since then Ubuntu has backported some significant changes from 2.6.33 into
the release 10.04 kernel labelled 2.6.32-15 or so.  Once I updated to this
version I was able to playback HD and SD mpeg2 (recorded from a pvr250 and
hdhomerun) with no issues and minimal CPU usage.  I am also able to playback
h.264 encoded files that are less than HD resolution with no issues.  I have
not tested other types of files.

This is all using the HDMI output to my TV.  I have not been able to get
HDMI audio to work and I've had trouble determining if it because the
chipset is unsupported or if I am just doing something wrong.

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