[mythtv-users] myth.rebuilddatabase.pl results in weirdness

Rodd Clarkson rodd at clarkson.id.au
Wed May 12 12:36:03 UTC 2010

I've grabbed 7 shows recorded on a mtyh 0.22 box and move them to the
storage folder on a myth 0.23 box.  I've then run:

perl myth.rebuilddatabase.pl -dir /storage/livetv/ -ext mpg

to add them to the database and answered all the questions as correctly
as possible.

I've done this in the past on my myth 0.22 box and it's worked fine.

However, this time there's some issues:

1. Then ending time for some of the shows is wrong.  I've indicated that
the 3of the shows were 7 minutes long and the show up as all ending at
10:07 and that 4 of the shows were 18 minutes long and these show up as
ending at 10:18.

2. The time bar for the shows is wrong, and while the shows play
completely through, you can't skip when you get to the end of the time
bar.  For example, one of the 7 minute shows only displays 5:17, but
will play for about 7 minutes.

Anyone else seen this, or got suggestions on how to fix.  The first
issue seems to be cosmetic, but the second is a little annoying.


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