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Wed May 12 09:59:16 UTC 2010

On 12 May 2010, at 05:20, Glen Hawksworth wrote:

>> It won't look crunchy sharp like the LCD does on stationary stuff but 
>> with moving pictures (which is what TV is all about isn't it?) it's a 
>> lot easier on the eye, none of that cardboard cutout "smooth" motion 
>> that motion interpolated LCDs do. It's worth of note that most (ok not 
>> all) of the 300hz, 600hz, motion blah blah guff on Plasmas is a 
>> marketing re-write of how plasmas have always worked. 
> Hahaha, I had to laugh about the "cardboard-cutout-smooth" comment. I have witnessed this on my Samsung 100Hz LCD, it is a bizarre effect and I have never heard a better description for it.

I can't take the credit, I heard it at a lecture about HDTV and the limitations of modern display technology. I'm still trying to understand exactly how it happens, most display artefacts I can recognise and understand immediately but that one is bizarre, in fact I find most of the LCD artefacts are very strange and usually prompt a wtf htf moment!

> Samsung released a new firmware/settings-patch that improved the motion settings but if you crank it all the way up you still get that effect. My best mate always runs his LCD in "cardboard-cutout" mode, it takes a lot of effort not to grab his remote and change all his settings.

In those circumstances I usually suggest doing something other than watching TV, after a hour of that sort of thing I'm exhausted, have a headache and cannot remember what the programme I was "watching" even was!

A friend (the guy who won't give up his CRT) has a habit of spotting production "problems" or shortcuts as well as technical stuff. For example the same extra in two different places at once or walking around in circles, the same background artist in three different costumes all within 2 minutes, the same location being dressed as two completely different places, he's just as annoying to watch TV with as me ;-)

I understand that a lot of the benefits (there are some) of LCD motion processing are only due to close integration between the mpeg(2/4) decoder and the LCD scan controller, this explains why you always get better pictures from a built in DVBT or S(2) receiver than a set top box also some of the "features" are disabled in the menus for HDMI inputs.

I'm very interested in uPnP dlna for these kind of sets as that should allow all the decoder/screen benefits and optimisations to still be used, unless the manufacturer disables TS playback from uPnP which seems annoyingly common.

> I used an ISO of one of those 'special' DVDs to calibrate my picture settings under MythTV

The AVforums calibration FAQ has some useful downloadable isos and they seem to be technically correct, unlike some I've seen.
w6rz.net is useful too, although much more techie.

> and I have the "motion" settings scaled back to the point where the cardboard effect is gone (I think "medium" since the F/W upgrade).

Is this the Feb 2010 update? I read that it was degrading image quality significantly and they removed the downgrade capability! The Oct/Nov? update improved colour rendition immensely but totally wrecked motion adaption.

> After that the only real motion problem I had was with interlaced video when the camera pans quickly across a scene (a slow-to-medium pan was fine). However after upgrading my frontend and maxing out the quality of the deinterlacer I rarely notice motion artefacts. "Crunchy-sharp" all the time

The TV industry's insistence on continuing to use 1080i when every independent test and every industry expert tells them not to is frustrating! As can clearly be seen in a MythTV frontend or any other media player it takes more grunt to deinterlace (the 1930's video compression) than it does to decompress the 1990's video compression mpeg4 h264!! At least vdpau gives access to some really excellent de-interlacers and MythTV 0.23 seems to have the best implementation for image quality vdpau I've seen of any of the media players.

> (Oh yeah, making sure the screen refresh was set to 50Hz to match the DVB source also appeared to help a lot, and when I play a Bluray at 24fps/24Hz the picture is fantastic)
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