[mythtv-users] small black border around analog recording

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Tue May 11 21:25:40 UTC 2010

So, I got a plasma screen and am aware of the burn-in issues with it.
As such I opted for the "grey" pillar-box option for playing 4:3 content
as that's supposed to be the most friendly towards the issue.

The problem is that my 4:3 recordings, from analog cable by way of a
PVR-{250,500} card still have a black border of 5-10 pixels around them,
most likely in what would normally be non-visible in the overscan area
on a traditional CRT.

Is there any way I can expand the active area of the frame out to
eliminate this black border, or somehow otherwise get rid of it?  I
don't really want to change the aspect or size of the visible frame
(720x480), just expand, say the inner 700x470 out to 720x480,
effectively pushing the black border outside of the visible area.  Does
that explanation make any sense?


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