[mythtv-users] OT: LED or Plasma (was Advice on choosing a TV)

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Tue May 11 12:28:34 UTC 2010

Andre wrote:
> Ah, then you are a critical viewer, good ;-) also bad because you will eventually see the problems that exist even on the finest most expensive TVs.

I can accept that. I just want to be reasonably sure I've chosen the
flaws that will be least annoying to me.

I think I'm coming to a decision. Last night watching my old CRT, it
kept impressing me with its realism. I thing I'd really
miss that. Armed with having had sight of the Panasonic G20 manual,
I went back to the shop and turned off overscan. Did another side
by side test between the LED and the Plasma. Still a little
difference in sharpness, but less than I'd noticed before. And
I'd image that some of that was because of the lower contrast
that the Plasma could achieve in shop lighting: I notice my CRT
looks loads sharper in a darkened room. It would make sense that
low contrast would lesson the perception of sharpness.

I want the Plasma, don't I? Tell me I want the Plasma... go on...
go on! :-)


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