[mythtv-users] MythTV 0.23 Available

Josh White jaw1959 at gmail.com
Tue May 11 11:18:06 UTC 2010

Should we expect the .23 -> .24 release cycle to be similar to that of .22
-> .23?  In other words, is myth development now ~closely following
ubuntu/myhtbuntu release dates, or has that just been a coincidence?  I'm
not trying to sound pushy, just curious if this is the new general plan, and
if so, I much prefer to see the incremental improvements of the 6 month/.22
-> .23 period vs the 18 months for a .21 ->22 update (I realize there was
major work, and maybe this was the only way on this transition).  I guess
what I'm saying is the smaller transitions seem to go more smoothly, and I
hope it continues to be the approach taken where possible.  Thanks for all
the great work!

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