[mythtv-users] Mytharchive and DVB subtitles not working?

Thomas Pontoppidan Spam1 at pontoppidan.name
Tue May 11 07:25:09 UTC 2010

I noticed that Mytharchive now has a setting to include subtitles when using
Projectx so I saw hope for moving some of my DVB recordings to DVD:-)

I gave it a try yesterday, but the resulting disc doesn't have any

I set the encoding/transcoding to "NONE" and didn't include a cutlist as I
read somewhere that transcoding or cutlists would break the subtitles.

Output from ProjectX lists 5 streams:

> Video:
> PID: 0x83F
> Audio:
> PID: 0x849(dan)
> Teletext:
> PID: 0x853(dan_i100 dan_s.hip399 )
> Subpict.:
> PID: 0x857(dan_0x10_p1_a1 )
> PID: 0x858(dan_0x20_p1_a1 )

But in the log from Mytharchive ("progress.log") ProjectX is instructed (at
least that's how it seems to me) to only include the first three - video,
audio and teletext:

> 2010-05-11 07:13:56 projectx -id 0x83f,0x849,0x853 -out
"/home/mythtv/mytharchive/work/1" -name "1002_20091225134500"

"mythburn.log" also refers to all the streams, but then shows :

> Subtitle id: 0x853

If this is standard behaviour, is there some way to instruct Mytharchive
to prefer the "real" subtitles (which will always be DVB) over teletext?

If this is not intended, what might have gone wrong (what should I be
looking for in the logs)?
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