[mythtv-users] Cannot scan for channels: pay for MythTV ?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon May 10 13:57:47 UTC 2010

On Monday 10 May 2010 07:41:47 am Michael T. Dean wrote:
>  This has /absolutely/ nothing to do
> with MythTV or MythTV developers or "MythTV's evil plan for world
> domination."

I was not aware of this plan, how do I join?

> ***I am not a lawyer.  Please see a lawyer to discuss what you can and
> can not do with GPL-licensed software.

Finding an attorney familiar with FOSS and GPL issues is a non-trivial task 
(as would be paying for him or her). Perhaps the FSF could point you in the 
right direction if you need this sort of legal advice.

I believe there have been some attempts to sell Myth systems commercially, I'm 
not sure what has happened to these efforts, but I don't see ads for Myth in 
the New York Times or elsewhere :-)

Certainly the schedule data is a weak link in the system. Although SD is doing 
a great job, nobody likes being tied to a single source for anything required 
for the system to operate at all, as opposed to a feature or add-on that users 
can do without.

"Personal use" is a slippery term, and trying to get around such a limitation 
by having the customer set up an account may run into trouble.

Most of us are not in the MythTV "business" to save or to make money, we're in 
it to get a better system than we could get anywhere else.

I'd compare Myth to a Heathkit TV set back in the 60s or 70s, you didn't get a 
cheaper set, you got a superior set, and you got enough knowledge of how the 
set works to deal with any problems that came up. You also got a great 

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