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> As for making myth run for your country of choice:
> All you need is to configure the program for your language preference.
> Capturing is done by the capture device you chose which also should have
> been chosen for your specific needs 

If you look at LinuxTV and Mythtv and other wikis there is lots of great
information about tuners that you can no longer buy, or are PCI when your
system only has PCI-E slots.  TO find out about actual support you need to
delve into the linuxtv mailing lists, and/or read the source code for
comments like "Scumby XYZ tuner (revision E) is now supported, revision F
sold in the same packaging and indistinguishable from revision E until you
plug it onto your system is not now, and never will be supported". 

Maybe Mythtv needs a "report my installation" which would (say) every 6
months ask you if it can send back a snapshot of the tuner cards in people's
systems, as well as giving us an idea of the # of mythtv users in various
countries.  WIth some real number then we might be able to make a case to
hardware manufacturers.



There is a problem there with your comment.

Generally MythTV does not support the capture device, it supports the
interface to the capture device, with a few exceptions, firewire to STB,
hdhomerun, etc. The hardware is generally supported by the OS itself. If you
can get it identified by your OS then myth is usually able to find it and
use it.


But I understand what you are talking about finding a card. My system is
primarily composed of AirStar HD-5000's(Air2PC 5th gen) and I'm looking for
a 4th to replace my analog card. They can still be bought,
http://www.bbti.us/products_airstar_hd5000_pci.htm I spoke with the their
sales department however and was informed they no longer sell one offs and
only sell in quantity now, I didn't ask what quantity. They make the exact
number that was ordered and don't leave any on their warehouse shelves. They
did take my name thou, and said they would contact me if they get an order
for them, they might be able to run an extra and sell to me. However, it has
been several months, and I haven't heard from them.


The idea of a anonymous report from users have been vetted in the past, and
I believe shot down. And it was going to be used for the same sort of



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