[mythtv-users] Goals and Aspirations of MythTV

paul10 at planar.id.au paul10 at planar.id.au
Mon May 10 07:24:09 UTC 2010

OK, I'll have a crack.  I think some are misunderstanding what you are

You're looking to create an overview page for myth, on the wiki.  You're
thinking that it would be useful for new myth users, or even those just
considering myth.  It would explain:
 - why myth exists
 - what it can, and cannot, do
 - what it does today, what it will do in the future, what it will never
 - who the devs are, and how large that community is
 - what kinds of things the devs are doing with myth - on the logic that
if you want to do something similar to them, it'll probably work or get
good support.  If you want to do something vastly different, you might be
more on your own

For my 10c, I think that could be useful.  But I wonder whether places
like wikipedia might be good places to put some of that base info once
collated - certainly that's where I would expect many first time users /
those considering a media centre for the first time to end up.  Some of the
information (particularly about the devs and their configurations) I agree
could be interesting on the core mythtv wiki.

I also note your willingness to donate, and the lack of somewhere to
donate to.  I see one earlier contributor suggesting helping to pay the
salaries of the devs - and note that you've explicitly said you're happy to
donate, but that there doesn't seem to be a way to do so.  I have noticed
that getting some sorts of support - for example, hardware support - can be
expedited by purchasing the hardware you're interested in, and then
shipping it to someone on the dev list who might have interest in actually
getting it working.  Typically that's more of a V4L thing than a myth thing

Anyway, I'd be supportive, but then I'm not really a dev (unless you count
a couple of minor fixes).  Those more involved in the project may have
different views.  I'd also have a good surf of the wiki that is there -
there is a lot of content if you have a good look.  Maybe just a bit of a
cleanse of the wiki itself, and in particular a page or a structure that
lets people find what's already there?


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