[mythtv-users] Mytthtv and UK Freeview HD?

Stephen Tan stan at stanandliz.net
Sun May 9 22:01:38 UTC 2010

Hi there

The last I heard about the craziness of the encryption of EPG bits of
the Freeview HD signal was ...... well, not very much. I have dug out
the most recent article below.


Given that this is the last piece of information I can find -
including on the Mythtv mailing lists, I was wondering if there was a
strategy to tackle HD Freeview in place? I'm not a programmer but I'll
do anything that's required to hack around the barriers to watching
Freeview HD.

At the moment, it's hit and miss as to whether I buy an HD Freeview
box to watch the World Cup this Summer....... I'm dying to do so and
it would be fantastic if by some miracle I could do it from my
Mythbuntu system.... :)



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