[mythtv-users] Goals and Aspirations of MythTV

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Sun May 9 17:45:33 UTC 2010

Thanks for the response.

I am trying to get at how the barrier to entering the mythtv world can
be lowered... I think to find the information you need to have a good
idea that mythtv is going to add value to your home the investment in
time is too high.

Considering the international audience & tv standards, complex
configurations, the rapid development and innovation (VDPAU) this is a
tough nut to crack; but I am willing to give it a go. Is it acceptable
to start adding pages to the wiki?

Also there have been several statements about developers doing this as
a hobby; so in that case their setups and motivations are important to
the direction of the project. A biography page for the devs (and other
key community members) including motivations, reason continuing to be
a dev on Myth, areas of interest, their current configuration and the
configuration they are striving for (that is possible in a reasonable
timeframe. Would you each be willing to put a bio page on the wiki;
with a photo?

It would also be good to indicate key software components that are
dependencies of Myth. LinuxTV is a good example for hardware support.

These pieces of information would allow users to work out if the
developers (and others) will have (a significant) inclination to help
them sort issues... I know and appreciate the developers huge
contributions (I would be happy to donate some cash in addition to my
time to help out where I can, but there isn't a donate button! - I am
sure some dosh for some kit or web-hosting would come in handy).

Hey, I'm not trying to moan, I'm trying to help, but I dont want to
step where help isn't wanted; which comes back to the vision of the
project. Your thoughts?


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