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There have been some statements on these lists, there had even been
some words which may have been best not said; especially around the
definition of "we".

Has there been a discussion about adding a page to the website around
goals of the project and how the project is run? Especially with
regard to patch-reviews, feature requests, and bug reports. Even a
general guidance would be most helpful to the community.

But then again even community engagement is dependant on the goals of
the project & developers. Although anyone on this list would
understand the level of engagement; it would be helpful to those
looking at the project as to whether the software is right for their
use if they understood the project goals... or at least I would have


If you follow -dev or -commits you could see what is going on and being
developed in separate branches so as to not hose the trunk if anything goes
wrong. -commits will also allow you to monitor everything that gets changed,
added, or fixed as well.

At this moment there are 2 highly active branches of the trunk. One is
libmythui-osd being worked on by Mark Kendall. The aim of this branch is to
bring the recent mythui changes into the OSD. Another thing this branch is
doing is moving the overlay into other, previously unused, areas. For
example when using VDPAU your OSD can display in the VDPAU space as opposed
to having to be an OpenGL or other type of overlay.

The other branch which recently, May 3rd, was created is the hdaudio branch.
This one is being co-developed by Jean-Yves Avenard and FooBar. This branch
has been advertized as being used to add 7.1 audio, HD audio codec support
and other fixes, including pulse.


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