[mythtv-users] Terra theme, 24 hour time

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Sat May 8 22:36:23 UTC 2010

> Key words: "the author". A theme is a creative work like any other, so
>>> if the theme author chooses to set up a theme with spacings that look
>>> best with one particular format, it seems entirely reasonable that
>>> people should see it the way they intended.
>>> At least in this case, alterations are easy and reversible - if it
>>> turns out that 24 hour time looks like a moustache on the Mona Lisa,
>>> you can put it right again. It's not often creative works afford such
>>> freedom.
>> If this theme were distributed by the author on his/her own website and
>> not
>> part of MythTV proper, I suppose I'd be less consternated by it.  Such as
>> it
>> is, though, it would seem to me that some requirements as to hono(u)ring
>> settings of this nature would be extremely appropriate.
>> Just saying.
> I get what you're saying.  A friend of mine, Pablo P., showed me a painting
> he made.  I kept telling him that it just didn't look right--it was all
> melty and distorted and things were in the wrong places and colors were
> wrong--but for some reason the guy ignored me, even though I was /obviously/
> correct.
> Themes are art.  There is no right/wrong way to do things in a theme's
> design; so if the author chooses to make it look one way, that's the way it
> will look.  If you don't like the look, don't use the theme, or modify it
> yourself, or--better--make your own theme.  (I anxiously await seeing the
> theme you create all by yourself.)
> Until you've created a theme of your own, you should /not/ complain about
> any author's artistic choices.  When you create a theme of your own, you'll
> realize that people's opinions/saying you're wrong in your vision can be
> very demoralizing.  You'll also realize that when people talk about changing
> things that you feel are an important part of the theme's design, it seems
> like they're saying you're wrong.
There is  a difference here:

1. the theme originally did NOT restrict the time setting.  The "author"
chose to force it when he received complaints about the am/pm getting cut
off.  So instead of fixing the problem, he just removed the ability for us
to experience the problem.

2. His work of art could still be seen in it's intended 24h clock glory.  He
could note that "the author intends this theme to be used with a 24h
clock"... instead of forcing it upon us.

3. The theme is art... but with software art, part of the artistry is how
functional the art is.  If any theme were created like "your friends" work
it would be completely non-functional and therefore of little value to

4.  The theme is meant to be an extension of another work, and thus should
honor that other work's intents.  Mythtv has the time format setting for a
reason, and as such I think that any extension of mythtv should honor those
settings to the best of their ability.  If your band wrote a song and your
drummer decided to get creative and play an off tempo drum solo through the
whole thing, sure he's being artistic, but he is not honoring the work of
the rest of the band.

I think this was a lasy solution to a simple problem, not an artist forcing
us to view his work as it was intended to be seen.   I would much rather see
12hr time format with the 'm' cut off than 24 hr time as it is negatively
affecting the WAF of an otherwise very user friendly theme.
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