[mythtv-users] FCC allows blocking of set-top box outputs

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat May 8 20:52:46 UTC 2010

On Saturday 08 May 2010 12:52:33 pm E. Westbrook wrote:
> I suspect everything will simply end up "protected".  I can only pray for
> consumer uprising (and participate).

The first step will be to promote consumer awareness, the cable operators will 
do everything they can to confuse the issue, and try to blame someone else.

Many people still think the cable companies' move to digital was mandated by 
the FCC, not understanding that the FCC mandate applied only to OTA 
broadcasts. Personally I find the timing of the cable move to digital 
suspicious, they are trying to take advantage of the consumer confusion on the 
issue, and doing everything they can to add to it. My local operator told me 
that they were being "required by the FCC" to move everything to digital, 
which we all know is pure crap.

Having the cable operators be the same people as the movie suppliers has led 
to problems, and will lead to more. This was the reason movie studios were 
banned from owning movie theaters earlier last century, but the "deregulation 
mania" of the last few decades once again hurts the consumer.

God help us if Comcast actually gets away with buying NBC.

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