[mythtv-users] mythbackend does not have access to mysql.txt after .22 upgrade to .23

Andrew mythtv at heathsworld.com
Sat May 8 15:11:22 UTC 2010

I just upgraded to JYA .23 and now when I start mythfront is tells me it
cannot connect to the database.  What I found is the backend is showing the
error below (BE and FE on same machine).  As it turns out, when the system
tries to start the back end it gets permission denied when trying to access
the database.  Yet if i start it as a user or root using "mythbackend"
command it connects just fine.  Did the configuration file location get
changed or something?  Obviously /.myth doesn't exist and show below.

Would you like to configure the database connection now? [no]
[console is not interactive, using default 'no']
2010-05-08 10:04:39.354 Deleting UPnP client...
2010-05-08 10:04:39.942 Failed to init MythContext, exiting.
2010-05-08 10:04:40.032 mythbackend version: branches/release-0-23-fixes
[24473] www.mythtv.org
2010-05-08 10:04:40.032 Using runtime prefix = /usr
2010-05-08 10:04:40.032 Using configuration directory = /.mythtv
2010-05-08 10:04:40.033 Unable to read configuration file mysql.txt
2010-05-08 10:04:40.033 Empty LocalHostName.
2010-05-08 10:04:40.033 Using localhost value of myth
2010-05-08 10:04:40.037 New DB connection, total: 1
2010-05-08 10:04:40.042 Unable to connect to database!
2010-05-08 10:04:40.043 Driver error was [1/1045]:
QMYSQL: Unable to connect
Database error was:
Access denied for user 'mythtv'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

To summarize, only using the upscript to start the backend fails.  Any
starting with the mythbackend command from the terminal and it works fine.
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