[mythtv-users] [MythVideo] Videos with special characters in filename are not found

Mirko mirko2324 at yahoo.de
Sat May 8 12:07:05 UTC 2010


I have a problem with the new version 0.23 of MythTV. I hope I'm right 
here :-) . I also have created a bug report but it was not accepted 

Now to my problem:

If I copy a video with special characters (umlauts like ) in the 
filename into the directory /var/lib/mythtv/videos/ I can't see this 
video in MythTV (MediaLibrary - Watch Videos). All other videos (without 
any umlauts) I can see without problems.

After renaming the file with umlauts into a filename without any umlauts 
the video are found after a rescan (Scan for changes).

I have tested this with Ubuntu 10.04 (german installation) and the 
included version of MythTV.

Can someboy help me?

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