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Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Fri May 7 13:52:56 UTC 2010

> PS: I like the labels idea but I don't see much difference between
> labels and my description of recording groups. I guess one benefit would
> be that labels would allow my suggestion to be implemented without
> having to modify the functionality of recording groups.
> Functionally, they would be about the same.  The big difference is that
they could make almost everything known about a show into label.  For
example the type of program, HD or SD, watched,
transcode/transcoding/transcoded, flag/flagging/flagged, etc.  This would
make for simple filtering of recordings and perhaps even allow a change to
how the system operates.

For example, if in the recording rules you apply the "transcode" flag, then
instead of the backend needing to schedule a transcode job (an active
process), the transcode engine would instead monitor the database and
transcode any recordings that are flagged (a passive process).  This could
allow you to set up a separate machine that does nothing but transcode
recordings... it wouldn't even necessarily need mythtv, just a script that
reads/writes to the DB and transcodes any flagged recordings.  Same deal for
the commercial flagger, archiver, etc.  Want to write a script that converts
your recordings to flv and posts them on your web site... just flag them as
"post to web" and write the appropriate script.  Sure all of this can be
done with jobs... but I find many limitations in the jobs interface...
mostly related to scheduling and the use of non-myth systems to perform some
of the work.

Finally the "recording groups" are difficult for my wife to appreciate.  And
I will likely never get her to move recordings between groups.  However if I
could tell her to flag shows she wants archived to DVD with an "Archive To
DVD" flag, and it were very simple for her to do... then I could see her
doing it and saving me the 30 minutes of flipping through our recordings
with her trying to determine which shows we wanted to archive.

Either way, I agree that there needs to be a more flexible way to organize
recordings.  Like using folders for email, your often stuck with a "this
belongs in two places" issue.
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