[mythtv-users] Arclight questions

paul10 at planar.id.au paul10 at planar.id.au
Fri May 7 09:42:52 UTC 2010

To the OP - your screenshots look like my live install.  I quite like it. 
I, of course, don't have the unable to play recordings problem.

On Blue Abstract - had a look at the screenshots.  It looks quite good - I
may have to give it a go myself for a while (when my extra frontend turns
up).  I'd gone to arclight a while ago, and never tried any others.

On Jamu, I have it working for videos, but it didn't fill in material for
recorded programmes.  Having said that, one of the shows I record is also
in videos - and it pulls through the fanart into recordings.  I need to
check whether a newer version of jamu might fill in for all my recordings.

I've also had questions on the pixellated background image.  I should put
something else there - my non-Linux friends take the piss sometimes about
how funny it looks.  But the theme itself they love.  As always, the
mythmusic player pushed up into the corner causes some derision - the
sooner we get the mythui version the better.


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