[mythtv-users] MythTV to MythVideo, best and easiest solution for Mythbuntu 10.4?

Sven Bretfeld sven.bretfeld at gmx.ch
Fri May 7 09:32:34 UTC 2010

Hi all

This is a newbie question. What I want to do is simple. I need a User
Job that:

1. transcodes a MythTV recording, honoring the cutlist

2. reduces the file size /drastically/ (quality is secondary)

3. moves (or copies) the file to the videos directory

4. (looks for or keeps metadata information)

Surely like many newbies, I'm confused by the information I can get on
mythtv.org and similar websites. These are doubtlessly informative for
professionals, but seem to be less oriented towards solutions for the
ordinary user, and, moreover, often enough refer to older MythTV
versions. Also Mythbuntu 10.4 seems not to have a preconfigured solution
for this surely highly wanted task for many people.

What is the best way to keep recordings as videos with a reduced file

Thank you very much for suggestions


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