[mythtv-users] Poor performance with HD-PVR remote and lirc_zilog

Enigma enigma at thedonnerparty.com
Fri May 7 05:00:11 UTC 2010

I am attempting to set up an HD-PVR on Mythbuntu 9.10/Myth 0.22.  I
have compiled the hdpvr, lircdev and lirc_zilog modules from
and after a firmware update have the modules loading correctly.  The
issue I am having is with the remote control, using irw it seems that
the HD-PVR is losing most of the remote keypresses.  I don't think it
is a problem with the remote itself, if I have the HD-PVR and a
homebrew serial receiver both getting the keypresses, irw for the
serial receiver shows every keypress but the HD-PVR is lucky to show 1
in 5 and lags behind the serial (I would estimate by .5 - 1 seconds
but it is hard to say for sure).  Obviously this is a show-stopping
problem in Myth, it is extremely difficult to navigate under these
conditions especially with the lack of user feedback in the interface.

Does anyone have this IR receiver working with Myth?  How about the
transmitter?  My transmitter appears to be working (I can make the LED
light up) but I don't yet have an "approved" cable/sat box to test it
on.  Is the IR hardware on this (rather expensive) box useless under
linux or is there hope?  Thanks in advance for any light anyone can
shed on this issue.

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