[mythtv-users] KDE panel won't go away in MythTV on Lucid

Brad Templeton brad+myth at templetons.com
Fri May 7 02:24:55 UTC 2010

I just switched to Kubuntu Lucid and notice that the panel (the taskbar at
the bottom of the screen) now always displays on top of MythTV, when Myth hid it
just fine before under Karmic.

Other fullscreen apps, like mplayer, are able to take the whole screen and
cover the panel, it is just mythfrontend that is having the issue so far.

My version is a few months old, so if this is something fixed in trunk and
I have to recompile from trunk, then so be it -- this is never fun as I must
get it working on 3 different systems each time I do this until the day that
Myth backends are willing to talk to frontends of different versions -- but
if there is another easy fix I would be curious.  I am not keen on making my
panel auto-hide, but I can do that in a pinch though it will still leave a
tiny box in the corner.

Lucid just came out last week.

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