[mythtv-users] How to ensure STB is on

M.A.E.M. Hanson hansonorders at verizon.net
Thu May 6 05:33:20 UTC 2010

 > Good news, the channel change is the last command issued. "6200ch
 > -v-n0 -m -e 100" does a menu, and exit, and a channel change, in that
 > order. I only had a small window to test, so only got to try it once,
 > but the STB was at channel 100 at the end. I'm pretty sure, but can't
 > swear, that it wasn't already on 100 to begin with. This is exactly
 > what I need.
 > -Jerry

Good to hear, Jerry.  Right now there's a half second of usleep built 
into both the menu and exit commands.  I was just testing it here at 
home and found that was not always good enough so I increased each to 
.75 seconds.  I made a tweak to menu and exit where they initialize the 
channel number variable.  Since you reported success without it I'm not 
sure it's needed.  Give it another shot with this patch against the wiki 
code and give me any feedback.  Be sure to try with and without a 
channel number and with different switch combos.


There may be some more tweaking in the coming days/weeks as I was 
speaking to Christian in irc about how the power command is called.


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