[mythtv-users] [SOLVED] HDPVR tuner error in Mythtv 0.23

Shawn Flynn sflynn1 at rogers.com
Wed May 5 15:33:50 UTC 2010

On May-03-10 2:53 PM, Shawn Flynn wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to setup a new slave backend with an HDPVR encoder
> attached, but am having a bit of trouble getting MythTV to use it.
> Hopefully someone here can point me in the proper direction for 
> troubleshooting this.

<< snip: a whole bunch of stuff that had nothing to do with the actual
problem >>

Replying to my own thread to close it off. Turns out the issue was a typical
PEBKAC error. In my rush to get everything working I failed to look at the
obvious. I had forgotten to add the recordings mount point to fstab. Once I
rebooted, there was no place to put the recordings and the backend marked
the tuner as 'failed.' /facepalm

Sorry for the list noise,
Shawn Flynn

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