[mythtv-users] mythvideo rescan failing on frontend

Phil Wild philwild at gmail.com
Wed May 5 15:25:05 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I have been having a problem on my frontend where when I initiate a
rescan inside mythvideo from the menu, the front end crashes.

It is a band-aid approach but I just thought I would share this as it
has fixed my problem.

I have the following entry in cron on my backend

*/30 * * * * wget -O - -q -t 1  http://my.backend.mythweb.address/video/scan

To perform an automated rescan of my videos directory every 30 minutes
instead of doing it manually.

Perhaps there is a better way of automating this, but the above does
work fine for anyone else having the same issue or just wanting to
automate it.



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