[mythtv-users] Arclight questions

MarcT myrdhn at gmail.com
Wed May 5 00:35:23 UTC 2010

Does the theme from the screenshot linked to above share anything besides
the name with the theme in the repos?  It seems like the changes to appease
the masses made it into a completely new theme.  Too bad, I liked the
original better. 




The only screen that had a major change was the main menu. All the others
are damn close if not exactly like the screenshots.

Of course you have to run jamu or another grabber to download the banners
and other art for the shows/movies to make it look exactly like the screens,
otherwise you have the pixilated background that was commented on.


I have also played with the libmythui-osd branch from time to time to see
how it is coming and Robert has created an OSD for the Arclight theme that
matches very well with the rest of the theme. If I remember I'll setup a
button on my remote to take screenshots to show the OSD as well as the rest
of the theme so you can see the actual theme and not the original plans as
on the arclight site. Or maybe if we hound Robert enough he will update the
site with newer screens.



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