[mythtv-users] Technotrend 1500 S: can scan, but tuning is difficult

Jarle Thorsen jarlethorsen at gmail.com
Tue May 4 12:57:17 UTC 2010

2009/12/5 Peter Bienstman <Peter.Bienstman at ugent.be>

> Hi,
> I have Mythbuntu 9.10, a Technotrend 1500 DVB-S card connected to a TV
> Vlaanderen Triple Sat dish (basically a modified Multytenne with LNB 4
> removed).
> LNB 1 is hooked up to Astra 1, LNB 2 to Astra 3 and LNB 3 to Astra 2.
> In Kaffeine, I can scan and watch channels just fine (with some caveats,
> e.g. I
> have to tune to a LNB 1 channel first before I can tune to a LNB 3
> channel.)
> In MythTV, doing a scan both on LNB 1 and on 3 seems to find all the
> channels
> just fine. However, when watching the (FTA) LNB 1 channels, some work, but
> some
> don't get further than 'partial lock', although I can watch all of these
> channels without problems Kaffeine. For LNB 3, I was even unable to find
> any
> channel that fully locks...
> I thought I needed to press 'C' during Live TV to switch to a different
> LNB,
> but that does not seem to do anything.
> Perhaps there are some troubles with how MythTV handles the DiSEqC switch.
> I
> found some reference on the mailing list that for the Multytenne, you need
> to
> set the DiSEqC repeats to zero, which I did, but perhaps that's not the
> issue
> here.
> Any suggestions?

I am also experiencing what seems to be problems with diseqc switching. I
think maybe mythtv will neglect sending a diseqc signal even when such
signal is needed to tune the switch to the right lnb. I'm wondering if
anybody can tell us the logic behind the diseqc switching code. Will a
diseqc signal be sent whenever one tries to tune to a channel? If not, when
will mythtv choose not to send a diseqc switch signal?

Jarle Thorsen
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