[mythtv-users] How to ensure STB is on

Jerry Rubinow jerrymr at gmail.com
Mon May 3 02:47:10 UTC 2010

Sorry, spasmed and hit the Send button too early.  Here's what I was going
to say my script would be like:

# record from hd-pvr for 1 second.  How do I limit this to 1 second?
cat /dev/video0 > /tmp/test.ts

# test for 0 length
if [! -s /tmp/test.ts]
    # toggle STB power state
    6200ch -w

# delay may not be necessary, will test
sleep 5

# run 6200ch with normal arguments to change channels
6200ch ...
I have practically no experience writing scripts, so if anyone wants to tell
me a better way to do this, please do.  Also, how do I get cat to only run
for a limited amount of time?

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