[mythtv-users] Quadro NVS 140M and VDPAU - not working

Tortise tortise at paradise.net.nz
Sun May 2 01:02:05 UTC 2010

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Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Quadro NVS 140M and VDPAU - not working

> Actually, standalone mplayer with VDPAU works fine on 720p and 1080p video
> files; the problem I have with VDPAU playback seems only to be within
> Myth, and usually with 1080i recordings; this is why I assume the issue is
> with the deinterlacer on this particular machine. On my combined BE/FE
> downstairs, everything plays back fine within Myth.

>what about a 1080i recording with mplayer?

>To eliminate the network, scp it over to the frontend and try playing it.

You may be part right here Nick.

I've now run up mythbuntu 10.04 64 bit on one of these also.  (downgraded to jya 0.22 fixes)

I also find H264 1080i programs do not play at all in this myth FE. It just stops and hangs on "please wait...."  720p are fine. 
(More trials required, no xorg.conf configured as yet, just default nvidia 195.35.15 and "normal vdpau" config)

The mythweb mpg file versions stream and play over the net using VLC with the expected pauses from it maxing the CPU.  (In my case 
2.2G C2D)  Not really viewable.

Downloading the mpg from mythweb (I think this is different to the original .ts file?) does play significantly better in VLC with 
less video pauses, however still enough for a quick WAF reject.

mythavtest plays this file best, however it is also a little challenged with lipsync issues and not liking skipping forwards etc. 
Interestingly I note in top that mythavtest pulls the expected 4% cpu however Xorg jumps to 100% of one core when playing this file, 
which I think is not expected? 

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