[mythtv-users] trouble with second HD-PVR [SOLVED]

Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Sat May 1 23:30:21 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-05-01 at 13:50 -0700, Yeechang Lee wrote:

> Although you don't mention it I presume that you've tried swapping the
> new one in the existing one's place and running it solo.

I didn't think of that but it would have been an excellent diagnostic

It turns out that the problem is that I didn't have the SPDIF cable
connected, because I didn't have an extra optical cable. My tests in
Windows were video-only, it didn't occur to me that it wouldn't work in
Linux without the sound cable attached, but that is what I see. As soon
as I connected the optical cable, it started working.

The problem I have now is that every time the system reboots, I have to
unplug the firewire cable on the second cable box, cycle the cable box
power, and plug the firewire cable back in. Otherwise only one of the
two cable boxes shows up under "plugreport", and obviously then channel
changing on the second box does not work (and therefore any recordings
scheduled on the second box will fail). Once I have it recognized in
firewire, it works fine (until the next reboot...)


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