[mythtv-users] How to get mythvideo working on a FE only machine.

R. Ramesh rramesh at verizon.net
Sat May 1 21:56:43 UTC 2010

> I have
> /var/lib/mythtv NFS mounted from the Master Backend where it is
> located at /var/lib/mythtv
> /var/libmythtv/videos/series is a separate drive and is exported and
> mounted on the frontend in the same location
> similarly with /var/ib/mythtv/videos/films
> The location is the same on both machines and I can browse the files
> using the command line, not just within the GUI (GNOME/KDE or
> whatever).
> I have setup in media settings these locations on the frontend.
> sorry; other than that I cannot help as I am not sure what you are
> doing or what programs you are using to achieve it.
> In my opinion the first thing to try is to keep it as simple as
> possible and use CIFS or NFS shares move a sample media file to this
> location on your backend and check that works before experimenting
> with more exotic arrangements.
> I would doubt that your issue is a myth issue; although I could be wrong.
> I am using ubuntu 9.10 master backend/front-end running 0.23 fixes and
> several remote frontends (a zotac ION; a SP13000 and a couple of
> laptops) running Ubuntu 10.04 also with .23-fixes.
Are you manually mounting backend dirs on to the FE?

It appears that all your disks are on BE machine. For me they are 
distributed and automounted on each
machine. Also the automount locations on each machine may not be the 
same. Thus I try to manage things
by symbolic links. May be this is the problem. In any case it is working 
for you. So, there is a good chance that my setup is not right. I was 
under the impression that mythvideo uses local storage to play videos. 
May be this is wrong.

I can take the very exact file name in the error message from the 
mythfrontend and fire of a xine on the same machine and that works. So, 
it is just not as simple as matching the names. It is more to do with 
the inner workings of how FE talks to DB server and may be even BE. This 
I am not sure how it works.

I can simply try to create a replica of BE filesys in the FE. This is ok 
if my FE is just used for wating TV only. Unfortunately, my FE is my 
compute server where I sit and do almost all my work. I just want to use 
it for watching videos also and that is proving to be difficult.  
Interestingly, I have /var/lib/mythtv
and /var/lib/mythvideos as two branches vs one inside another (on the BE 
server). May be this is an issue too.



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