[mythtv-users] 720p plasma with myth

Tom Dexter digitalaudiorock at gmail.com
Sat May 1 13:43:52 UTC 2010

On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 4:52 PM, Kenneth Emerson
<kenneth.emerson at gmail.com> wrote:
> We picked an LCD to avoid the plasma burn in problem.  Did not want to have
> to replace the TV in two years.
>> Dan
> Plasma screens today have many anti-burn in features and it is not nearly
> the issue it was 5 years ago.  That said, if you turn your TV on and leave
> it sit on the recordings menu for hours on end, you may not like the result;
> however, don't think that an LCD display won't burn in.  I've seen it on LCD
> screens in the plant where I work where graphics stay the same most of the
> time.  You can still see the ghost image when the display changes.  Granted,
> it is after many months, but it does happen.
>  It just comes down being responsible with your hardware.
> -- Ken E.

On current plasma TV's you pretty need to be careful for the first 100
hours.  A close friend of mine as well as my in-laws both bought
Panasonic TH42PZ80U 1080p plasma TVs.  I burned them both copies of
the plasma break-in DVD available at http://www.eaprogramming.com to
speed the process of getting past that 100 hour point.  After that
period, my understanding is that they have no more burn-in issues than
a CRT.  Essentially that means that, as long as you actually have
reasonable picture settings and don't use any awful factory settings
with the contrast through the roof, it'll most likely look great ten
years from now.  That's actually the most important thing...to
immediately get that contrast to a sane setting.

I've used my Avia Guide to Home Theater DVD to set the picture
settings on both if those TH42PZ80U TVs and they looked about as good
as *any* TV I've seen at any price...simply breath taking, and they
can be had pretty cheap.


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