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Sat May 1 08:06:09 UTC 2010

On 30 April 2010 23:49, Gavin Whitehead
<gavin at alabastercranium.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> Folks,
> I am new to MythTV and have been playing with 0.23RC2 for a while now.
> I have two tuner cards:
>   WinTV NOVA TD-500    (dual DVB-T)
>   WinTV NOVA HD S2     (single DVB-S2)
> I have tried a couple of different combinations of Video Sources and Input
> Connections and thought it about time I asked from some advice on how best
> to set this up.
> I am UK based and want FreeView and FreeSat to both be available for
> Recording/LiveTV.

<cut configurations>

> Am I right in thinking that to be able to view DVB-T channels and DVB-S
> channels in LiveTV I must configure different two different Video Sources?

Correct. A video source is a list of channels and their associated
tuning information available on a particular input. As DVB-T and DVB-S
channels require different tuning information, you will need to
configure one video source for each different type of input you have.
This is why your first configuration failed.

> How do other people configure this in the UK?

On my Freeview/Freesat "testing" machine, I have two video sources,
both using EIT for listings (I use a mixture of XMLTV (TV channels)
and EIT (radio channels) on the "production" machine. Channels on both
sources are numbered per the Freesat EPG. Additionally, channels on
the Freeview video source have had their callsign and names updated to
match their counterparts on the Freesat source. The MythTV scheduler
requires that channels that are the same (or substantially the same)
have the same callsign in order to allow programmes to be scheduled
efficiently across video sources.

Even with these changes in place, mixing different listings sources
can give rise to the issue you report (the same programming being
scheduled simultaneously on different sources) due to minor variations
in listings. I recommend using the same listings source for similar
channels - if you use EIT for BBC1 on Freeview, use EIT for BBC1 on
Freesat too. You can mix EIT and XMLTV on a single video source, but
you want to ensure you do not have channels with both EIT and XMLTV
configured as this will cause problems.


Nick Morrott

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