[mythtv-users] advise/suggestions on how to set up my drives?

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Tue Mar 30 19:40:42 UTC 2010

> I prefer the KISS approach to dealing with RAID when you are trying to
> do RAID on the cheap.
> Don't get me wrong, RAID has it's place, especially if you want to
> spend the money for hardware that makes RAID easy.  But for cheap....
> Just throw the three disks in the box.  Configure Myth with a
> different recording volume for each drive, so it can spread the
> read/write load out however it pleases.
> Then - just set up a nightly script to mirror changed files from disk
> 1 ->  disk 2, disk 2 - > disk 3, and disk 3 to disk 1.  Schedule the
> script to run when you aren't usually recording or watching stuff.
> Now you have faster writes than you would have on raid, at most, only
> a day of data loss if a disk fails, and a completely simply data
> recovery path when a drive fails.  No RAID config to deal with 3 years
> from now when a disk fails, and you don't remember how you configured
> it in the first place.  The system can also spin the disks down
> individually... if you are only recording one program, two drives can
> be powered down.

Excellent idea... I think I may use a similar approach when I rebuild my
server in a few months.  Maybe even use rsnapshot (basically rsync and
hardlinks) to take snapshots of data from one disk to the next to recover
from accidental deletions/corruption.

Obviously, you could selectively choose what folders to backup and how long
to preserve the snapshots based on the importance of the data.

I still like having my DB raided across multiple disks for the read speed
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