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Replying to myself, for possible benefit of others...

I tried deleting all tuners, then adding both of them. It worked, to
the extent that both tuners now will record.

However, it is still true that Live TV only seems to use the first
tuner. So if the first one is recording, I am constrained to watching
live tv only on that same multiplex. I had expected that if the first
tuner is busy but the second one is available, live TV would use the
second one by default. Also, I am not able to change tuners with the Y
command. (I checked that the keybindings for C, V, and Y are the
default ones).

Is this a known feature, or do I have something misconfigured? Is this
a consequence of using multirec? Do I need to check "avoid conflicts
between live tv and recordings"? I want scheduled recordings to take
precedence over live tv, but I expect that this conflict should not
arise if a physical tuner remains available. That's not what I'm

Any advice would appreciated.



Set the priority of the second tuner higher than the first. That way
recording will default to the second tuner leaving the first available for
live tv. However, if multiple shows are set to record at the same time the
first card could still get assigned.


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