[mythtv-users] Graphic cards supporting VDPAU and sound over HDMI

Peter Carlsson maillist.peter at home.se
Mon Mar 29 09:28:29 UTC 2010

On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 09:44:21PM -0500, <mythtv at derdev.com> wrote:
> Hello!
> I have a motherboard with onboard GPU (6150) and am about to buy a
> new graphic card. I have search the MythTV documentation/Wiki and
> this maillist but have not found answers to all my questions.
> The machine is a dedicated BE/FE and is not intended for anything
> but MythTV. I would be very happy if someone could answer me.
> I would like support for Advanced 2x de-interlacer on 1080p content.
> - Will either GT220 or GT240 do the work or is GT240 overkill?
> - Is 512 Mbyte more than enough or should I go for 1024 Mbyte?
> - Will I notice any differences within MythTV if the card has GDDR5
>   instead of GDDR3 or is GDDR3 fast enough?
> My motherboard has an S/PDIF connector which is now connected to my
> receiver. I would prefer to replace this with sound over HDMI.
> - Is support for sound over HDMI reliable and do almost any graphic
>   card with a HDMI connector have support for sound as well?
> - Any special manufacturers to recommend or advice against?
> Best regards,
> Peter Carlsson
> Peter,
> My personal experience is that audio over S/PDIF was easier to enable.  If
> you already have it working to your receiver, why not continue?
> A recent list post concluded that exactly 512MB of GPU RAM is "best" for
> My $0.02 USD (before tax)


Sorry about the late response. I never received any response about my
question regarding GDDR3 vs GDDR5. Just wondering if anyone knows if
MythTV will benefit for one or the other. Is there anything else that
is better (power consumption, heat, etcetera) for one or the other?


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