[mythtv-users] UPNP and mythmusic, slightly off-topic

sgreene59 at verizon.net sgreene59 at verizon.net
Mon Mar 22 16:22:16 UTC 2010

On Mar 21, 2010, Fredrik Hallgarde <mythtv at tedde.nu> wrote: 

>> However, I thought I'd try Boxee on the Windows 7 side.  Works pretty
>> well, but the web stuff is kind of choppy (looks like 15fps).
>> Interestingly, the TV and video from mythbuntu works perfectly!  The
>> music files (flac and MP3) not so much.  In Boxee, every mythmusic is
>> seen, but shows up as 4.1GB files and won't play!  WMP12 sees the files
>> as well (after installing the Illimable DirectShow filters) but the show
>> up as 0 bytes and won't play, either.
>> Anybody here have any insights?  Wondering if I should being working
>> with a more current version, rather than the Mythbuntu packages?  
>Not sure it is applicable but here is a thought.
>Are you mounting your music from another server via Samba? I recently 
>found out that samba typically isn't compiled with support for "send 
>file" (or something like that) which makes it unable to present the file 
>with proper filesizes...
>Try moving the file to the backend and try again.
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Sorry, no samba involved.  I suspect it might be windows mime-type settings involved, as the video files play perfectly well.

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