[mythtv-users] XMLTV errors (UK)

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Mon Mar 22 15:50:51 UTC 2010

Jason Chambers wrote:
> On 22/03/2010 10:20, Mike Holden wrote:
>> I'm running a recent CVS version, and have had no new listings for a
>> few days now. mythfilldatabase is running successfully, but appears
>> to be finding no new data. Is RT data borked at the moment?
> I've just looked at the raw data for "BBC Three"
> (http://xmltv.radiotimes.com/xmltv/45.dat) and this only has data until
> 29-MAR-2010 (next Monday).
> So its not XMLTV's fault.
> Also the TV listings on the Radio Times website (www.radiotimes.com)
> allows you to pick dates up to Sun  04-APR-2010 (i.e. 2 weeks away) but
> doesn't show any data for that date.  The last day showing any listings
> is again the 29-MAR-2010.
> It looks like something wrong with the Radio Times data as a whole
> not just the data they make available for others.  So hopefully they 
> will notice soon (before next Monday at least) and rectify it.
This is not something to do with the GMT/BST changeover, is it? I think that 
happens next weekend, the 27th/28th.


Mike Perkins

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