[mythtv-users] Reassemble RAID with mdadm

Graham Mitchell gmitch at woodlea.com
Fri Mar 19 22:14:51 UTC 2010

> Seems about right to me, I see 3-4 drive failures a year that I
> replace under warranty on a 6 disk array.

Really? That's insanely high... Over 50% fail every year?  

I have 3 arrays at work, with over 90 disks spinning 24/7 for the last 3
years (almost exactly, as we got the warranty expiration notice from Dell
last week). They're running 750TB consumer drives (since at the time, Dell
didn't offer anything that big for the MD1000s, and we didn't want to pay
the premium anyway for the backup staging area - everything would be on tape
by the end of the day). And in the last 3 years, I think we've replaced 4


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