[mythtv-users] hardware recommendations

Justin Garrison rothgar at 1n73r.net
Wed Mar 17 22:13:00 UTC 2010

> I'm contemplating just buying a stock system of some kind rather than
> assembling something from parts.  Since I've upgraded to two outboard
> capture devices (HD-PVR and HDHR), I don't really need my old PVR-150 any
> more and that opens me up to smaller (fanless?) computers with VDPAU
> graphics cards.  In fact, VDPAU (and a reasonable CPU just to run the
> frontend GUI) are about my only requirements since I can use the HDHR IR
> pickup via TCP/IP.
>One additional thing I just remembered.  I'm doing channel changes via
>Firewire so built-in Firewire would be pretty important (are there USB
>dongle Firewire devices?  Does that even make sense?).

I have had great luck with my Aopen MP945-DR. It doesn't have VDPAU but it
has integrated intel video and has a core 2 duo (instead of atom chip). It
is about the size of a Mac Mini and it has firewire 400. I ran the machine
with an external 1 TB hard drive with a HD-PVR and HDHR for a little while
and had a lot of success displaying 720p. There is also an HDMI adapter for
the DVI out and optical audio. The machine was really quiet and fairly low
power and I would still be using it if I didn't get budget to build
something with multiple internal hard drives and more tuners.

I have never found a USB -> firewire adapter so you would need to get
something with internal firewire 400 (800->400 adapter *might* work)

BTW. I have upgraded to a bigger machine I built myself and am selling the
AOpen if you are interested.

Justin Garrison
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