[mythtv-users] Mdadm help - recreate broken raid

Phillip Barnett phillip.p.barnett at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 12:07:02 UTC 2010

I have three disks, sda, sdb, sdc. The OS is on sda, and sdb and sdc  
were RAIDed as RAID1, with all my media.

Recently my myth installation got totally screwed up, and I decided to  
do a complete upgrade/reinstall. However, this has now broken the  
array as all the config material was on the sda drive (d'oh!), and I  
need to know how to reassemble the disks. Using mdadm --create didn't  
work, as it warned me that the disks were already used for an array.  
Should I use assemble, create or build in this instance? The disks  
themselves are intact and can be mounted and read individually, but I  
do need to reassemble them into a RAID without losing the media  
already on them.

Thanks in advance.


(Apologies if this appears twice - sent originally two hours ago but  
not appeared back)

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