[mythtv-users] Re-scanning for channels

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Sun Mar 14 07:54:22 UTC 2010

David Smiley wrote:

>Sadly, I know i'm in for a lot of work mapping channels by hand 
>because that is what I had to do last time.

I dare say the setup is different over there, but we've been going 
through something similar over here with our terrestrial digital 
service (Freeview) - luckily I'm in an area that *should* be done 
with random channel reshuffles, other areas won't be done for up to a 
couple of years.

I wrote a script to edit my channels without all the work of 
re-organising them afterwards. It's in the Wiki at 
http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Database_editing_script and it might be 
worth seeing if it could be adapted easily to your needs.

If it can, then you'll just need to scan to get the channels, then 
run the script to set them up as you want.

Simon Hobson

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This is NOT the same thing as the printer drivers to load on the 
computer - there's no problem there.
If anyone knows where I might get hold of one I'd be grateful - 
requests to Canon drew a blank, it's been out of support for years.
Alternatively, if anyone has one of these and would let me image 
their hard disk ...

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