[mythtv-users] Fwd: Further Notice of Seagate Hard Drive Class Action and Proposed Settlement

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Fri Mar 12 22:55:52 UTC 2010

On Friday 12 March 2010 03:31:31 pm John Drescher wrote:
> > Is there something about the 285s that make the system more susceptible
> > to this sort of problem? I ask because I have a dual-275 machine and I'm
> > thinking about putting a pair of 285s or 295s into it.
> No this was just a troublesome motherboard. I bought it used on eBay
> and the seller offered to throw in oem heat sinks for free. Well I did
> not know he would pack all of it in the same priority mail box. To
> make a long story short the heatsinks damaged at minimum a few  caps
> which I replaced. After replacing the knocked off caps the board
> worked 100% stable with a pair of 850 for 3 or so years. Although I
> did see in the logs from time to time a MCE logged for ECC. In early
> 2008 I bought two 285s for around $125 each and after installing them
> the machine would spontaneously reboot 1 time per week. I removed 1
> CPU and it was fine again. Put in the other instead and no problems.
> Put both back in and same 1 reboot per week.

OK, thanks. I didn't know you could use 8xx Opterons in a two-CPU board, I 
thought they were for 4 or 8 CPU boards only, and the 2xx were for the dual-
CPU setups.

I picked up these 275s for about $50 each, I'd like just a little more speed 
if I can find the CPUs, 940 chips are getting hard to find.

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