[mythtv-users] mythstream workaround?

James Miller gajs-f0el at dea.spamcon.org
Tue Mar 9 22:38:44 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 09 March 2010 Eric wrote:

> There are some alternatives, especially if you only want to play a few 
> specific streams. But if you are still willing to try mythstream just compile 
> it for your system and I will help you when you run into problems.
> The resulting code can be put into a new release convincing people the 
> project isn't going moribound :)

Thanks for your response, Eric. I'll consider downloading and compiling 
mythstream since it seems the project is still active.

While awaiting a response I continued looking around for solutions for getting 
at least a semblance of mythstream functionality. I found this: 
http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Internet_tv , which offered me a sort of template 
for getting a single streaming TV channel playing through mythtv. I 
successfully implemented one Russian channel using those directives but have so 
far not managed to get the round-the-clock news station (Vesti) I'd been hoping 

The problem for me so far has been finding a valid URL/URI/MRL (etc) to feed to 
mplayer. They seem to want to obscure them, hoping, I suppose, that you'll 
always go through their web site or use some proprietary program through which 
they can expose you to advertising or something.

Before engaging in further experimentation along these lines I'd just like to 
ask whether it really is difficult to find information about the URL/URI/MRL 
for these stations so as to be able to feed it to mplayer, or whether I'm just 
looking in the wrong places? If the latter is the case, where is the right 
place to look?

Further input will be appreciated.


PS Apologies if this gets double-posted: I sent another copy from the 
wrong e-mail address and without a subject field. If the mods are reading 
this, please delete that other copy of this message.

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