[mythtv-users] Partitioning

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Mon Mar 8 14:29:10 UTC 2010

Nick Rout wrote:
> you shouldn't need /etc/hosts to contain much if you have dns working.
> /etc/resolv.conf should be set on dhcp getting your dns settings.
> /etc/fstab is worth keeping IF you want to set up an identical system
> next time you reinstall.
Although I run a dhcp/dns setup locally, all my myth kit has statically-assigned 
IPs. I want to know where all my boxes are when I need to reconfigure them, I 
also don't want boxes assigned random addresses when I least expect it. My host 
file lives on a USB stick and gets copied to all hosts whenever I do an upgrade.

/etc is worth keeping to save your customisations when you upgrade your OS. Been 
there, done that. Trying to remember all the tiny changes I made to get it to 
work right? Not easy.

- hosts: current IP & name of my 11 fixed hosts plus printers, gateway and 
wireless AP.
- ntp.conf: pointing to my firewall rather than somewhere random in Europe. I 
dont want each of my machines to spam public ntp servers when my firewall can 
provide a reference they can all synchronise to.
- bacula conf files: I use bacula to back my machines up. It's a pig getting the 
configs right, I don't want to have to reinvent the wheel /again/.
- sysconfig: cleaned all the crud out of the startup files. It's a server, don't 
need any of it. Fixed mythtv $HOME entries, shortened log file names.
- logrotate: added entries to rotate mythbackend and mythfilldatabase logs.
- cron files for running e.g. optimize-mythdb.pl every night.
- ssh keys: - some saved, some regenerated.
- httpd conf files: customisations.
- lirc conf files.
- etc, etc.


Mike Perkins

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