[mythtv-users] How to play video files from a DVD data disc

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Mar 6 00:19:49 UTC 2010

On Friday 05 March 2010 04:50:31 pm Paul Gardiner wrote:
> Brian Wood wrote:
> > On Friday 05 March 2010 12:21:30 pm Kevin Ross wrote:
> >>> but what's the best way to arrange for the dvd to be mounted,
> >>
> >> If you're running Gnome, the gnome-volume-manager will automount it
> >>  whenever you insert the disc.  I assume KDE has similar functionality
> >> (I don't use KDE).
> >>
> >> If you aren't using Gnome or KDE, I think autofs will do the trick.
> >
> > Assuming you live where it's legal, could you just rip it with HandBrake
> > or something similar and thus get a playable single file, probably h264
> > which would also require less space?
> Actually the files were produced by Handbrake. They used to be on my
> server and playable from there. They are nice small files for the
> quality, but they mount up over time, so I've since archived them
> onto a DVD. I thought there might be some simple trick to playing
> them from the DVD, but maybe not.
> autofs sounds like the right sort of thing, so maybe I should
> look into that, but it might be difficult with minimyth unless
> it already has autofs.

Just mount the disk, either manually or via some automount system, then just 
point whatever program you're using to play the files to their location and go.

As in:

mplayer /media/cdrom0/<file_to_play>

Substitute your favorite player for mplayer (xine, vlc or whatever).

If using a GUI player program, it's generally "File", "Open" (navigate to the 

To manualy mount:

(as root)
mount /dev/cdrom0 /mnt/<mount point>

Choose the proper drive and mount point.

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