[mythtv-users] Starting recordings early and finishing late not working

Vince Coen vbcoen at btconnect.com
Thu Mar 4 15:09:34 UTC 2010

On Thursday 04 Mar 2010, Ian Oliver wrote:
> In article <201003031034.08514.vbcoen at btconnect.com>, Vince Coen wrote:
> > Exactly what tuner cards have you got and what area of the UK are you in.
> Hauppage Nova-T USB tuners picking up the Emley Moor transmitter.
> Why?

Don't understand the question, why is that specific transmitter a problem or is 
it one that is not the nearest?

On my card a Nova-T 500 it only located the London transmitter but before when 
I had 2 antenna pointed in different directions I was offered 2 of many of the 
stations/channels. As you have guessed from the above I have disconnected the 
one pointed towards Anglia's transmitter because of a weaker signal.

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