[mythtv-users] Question 3: Layout of mythbrowser html text input's?

qeldroma at gmx.net qeldroma at gmx.net
Thu Mar 4 09:08:40 UTC 2010

Hello list,

I have two probs in mythbrowser:

1. The background-color of text/password-input-fields is black. The font too.
Ergo i am writing black on black and don't know what i do! Where are the colors defined?

2. If i want to enter something in text-fields, the inputs from my keyboard arent't printed always!

P.e.: i press "2". Instead of showing just "2", i see some chars in brackets where i can switch from one to the next with pressing "2" again!

As i HAVE a keyboard, i don't need such intelligence in mythbrowser! How can i disable that behaviour? The "virtual keyboard" is off, of course.

Kind regards, Florian
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